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August 13, 2017
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August 13, 2017
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There has been a shift in the universe, only you haven’t felt it yet. There are only four yoga studios in the USA teaching what is predicted to be the most innovative, most effective and most remedial yoga ever practiced. Reportedly, this method will build strength, endurance and flexibility, improve overall daily posture, boost your immune system, decrease joint and muscle degeneration, alleviate pain, relieves stress, and improve your mood. Sridaiva Yoga was created by John Friend (founder of Anusara Yoga) and Desi Springer (Founder of Vital Yoga Studio in Colorado). As defined on the website  Sridaiva is a body-mind postural method which cultivates radiant health and well-being through a positive attitude expressed in an optimal bow-spring alignment.

Together these two dedicated and passionate yogis have created the latest system of yoga. What makes this yoga different? The postures focus on the arches of the back and neck with the expansion of the chest, simultaneously engaging the muscles of the back body. This posture creates a “spring” action and is the basis for all the other dynamic poses. This physical practice is entitled, Bowspring. The theory behind the Bowspring alignment is that it creates an openness, a heart lifting and floating movement rather than a compressed or tucked action, training your body to move through life with grace and your mind to radiate positivity.

Bowspring can be practiced by anyone, it isn’t just for yogis. In fact, Mitchel Bleier, founder of YogaPata in CT, says that it’s easier if you aren’t coming from a yoga background because you aren’t attached to the expectations of a yoga class, Bowspring is not like any yoga you have ever done. Furthermore, Mitchel, who has been practicing ashtanga, anusara and vinyasa yoga for more than 20 years, reports that he has never felt better since he began practicing Bowspring. Scott Lamps, a yoga teacher from Madison WI states, “The benefits of Bowspring are remarkably similar to Cobra Pose”. The latest research which would support the Bowspring theory, is pointing in the development and maintenance of the fascia connective tissue. Fascia is the glue that holds us together. It maintains all of your organs, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones in the space where they are supposed to be, no matter which direction your body moves.

According to Thomas Myers, creator of Anatomy Trains, fascia is your body’s secret power source. The effects of exercise like the Bowspring postures help regenerate new fascia cells, thus creating radical changes in the body. A healthy fascia system will help you stay fit, increase resiliency, build more resistance to injury and produce a natural anti-aging effect.

In an age where yoga has saturated the planet, it is exciting to learn that yoga continues to be ground breaking and a cornerstone in health and wellness research and development. Like a new baby we should embrace and appreciate all it has to offer.

Welcome to the world of Bowspring!

Sarah is a busy yogini: with a traveling husband, 3 kids, 3 dogs, tennis enthusiast and yoga & meditation teacher. I have previously owned my own yoga studio and now I teach yoga and mindful meditation at Walter Reed Bethesda Medical Center, and I work privately with children/teens/adults with anxiety.   Most days I laugh that “I AM A YOGA TEACHER” because my life does not look peaceful or meditative: it looks like a 3-ring circus.  However, despite how crazy I feel (or act!), people ask me all the time about my personal yoga practice and how I incorporate yoga into my life.  This blog is to share with you how I live my yoga, how I am always trying to be more UNITED with my spirit, and the reality that I am still always practicing yoga and… have a very long, long way to go! – See more at:


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