Multi-Tracking & Learning

Mantra Monday
April 17, 2017
Mantra Monday
Mantra Monday
April 24, 2017

Multi-Tracking & Learning

Multi-tracking is an exercise where you are moving as many parts of your mind and body at once to exercise all of the connections in the brain.  Try this:

Start by standing with your weight evenly balanced over both feet.

Now take a deep breath and relax.

Begin by rubbing your belly with your right hand, feel both your hand and your belly.

Now tap your head with your left hand, very gently up and down.

Start to tap your right foot.

Imagine that in the left side of your brain you are licking a chocolate ice cream cone.

Imagine that on the right side of your brain a monkey is riding a bicycle.

Now sing “We all live in a yellow submarine….” for one minute.

The idea is that we are not just visual or auditory learners, we are kinesthetic learners too!

People need freedom to move around, with purpose, to learn.

This exercise is inspired by the book, Spinning Inward, by Maureen Murdock.

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