Liquido Leggings

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April 13, 2015
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April 18, 2015

Liquido Leggings




Liquido is a lifestyle legging that will take you through morning carpool, a trip to the farmers market, a walk on the canal, yoga class, afternoon bike-ride, casual brunch, and just plain lounging around.  These are high quality, high comfort leggings that will generate smiles where-ever you go!

I discovered Liquido on instagram and had to try them for myself.  Liquido is a family owned business based in Brazil that has grown world-wide, committed to excellence in work standards and the environment.

I love the bright colors and fun patterns, just throw on your kicks or flip flops or sneakers and go!

My readers will enjoy 15% off using the code:  15%Liquidolove

Check out the new spring patterns:


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