What is Integrated Movement Therapy?

Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) is the gold standard of yoga based clinical therapy. IMT uses yoga techniques along with positive psychology and other therapeutic methods that help people make behavior shifts towards their own optimal well being. In the most simplest terms, IMT uses a variety of techniques from various practices to help develop skills to cope or overcome life's challenges.

Integrated Movement Therapy addresses the personal needs of the client, ranging from physical illness to stress and anxiety, depression and other health challenges. Each session is a collaboration between the therapist and the client. The goal of every session is to improve optimal wellness, and have the client feel better than when they arrived.

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Our time together will include:
• Breathing Techniques
• Relaxation & Self-Care Techniques
• Yoga and Stretching
• Thai Yoga Bodywork
• Art and Play
• Visualization and Positive Coaching
• Meditation and Mindfulness Practices



Why Sarah?

I am the only specialized yoga teacher in the DC/MD/VA area certified in Integrated Movement Therapy along with the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) certification accruing more than 1000 hours of certification and experience.

I have been described as an "out of the box" thinker. I strive to use all my practices to learn, understand, and help people living with depression, anxiety, stress, agitation and exhaustion. I will teach you how to alleviate and rejuvenate using techniques that compliment your life-style. For those who feel intimidated by yoga and believe they "cannot do yoga" and "cannot do meditation", I welcome you.

I bring practical skills and knowledge to my clients working to uncover internal blocks and promote self care strategies & stress management techniques which will positively affect all aspects of their life including improved mood, improved sleep, improved self/emotional awareness, and improved productivity. These strategies will result in stronger connections which generate an increase in overall joy, life satisfaction and improve overall health and wellness.

For children & teens with ADHD and anxiety, social challenges and behavioral concerns, therapy sessions will focus on skills that empower them to make their own choices, engage in self-esteem boosting games and exercises, cultivate self awareness, strengthen resiliency, build empathy, and improve overall physical strength and wellness.

How it works?

I work with each of my clients to create a personalized program that includes long and short term goals. In each session I use a visual schedule in order to keep us on track, and show proof of progress and productiveness. I love using a living resource because it provides clear expectations and promotes nurturing, supportive and conclusive time together.
At the end of each session I give my clients (or parents) a copy of our schedule with individualized feedback based on our time together. Upon request, formal reports can be prepared for other professionals:

For Whom?

Everybody. Every age.


  • I am currently seeing clients in my home studio near Potomac Village

  • I will travel within a 10 mile radius for a home visit

  • We can Skype!

    Coming Spring 2019: New office in Park Potomac!

    Yoga Classes

      I am currently teaching private groups and teams.

      Please contact me if you are interested in having me teach a class for your school, team, workplace, group or studio.

      I also lead workshops, lets talk and co-create!

    • Stress Management & Self Care 101

    • How To Set Purposeful and Powerful Intentions

    • Vision Boarding

    • Wellness Badge for Girl Scouts

    • Restorative Yoga for Improved Sleep
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